Launch of the DIHs Champions Challenge!

The DIHNET.EU project launched the 1st July during the 7th Working Group meeting of DIHs the DIH Champions Challenge, which is now open at the DIHNET.EU Community (

Only Fully Operational DIHs part of the Catalogue will be eligible. The Call will be open until 15th September. The winner(s) of this challenge will be announced in Madrid, on the occasion of the Stakeholder Forum on 13-15 November 2019. Please visit the Q&A section if you have any question.

DIH Champions Challenge is a process developed by DIHNET.EU project for its Community of DIHs with the objective to:

  • identify good practices cases of advanced/mature DIHs that others could learn from;
  • identify the DIH champions in the proposed categories;
  • foster future matchmaking opportunities (DIHs finding those with the expertise they need/miss) and
  • help fine-tune information in the DIH catalogue on a regular basis.

Every year the DIHNET.EU project will organise and launch a Call at the DIHNET Community to select the DIH Champions that will be closely followed by a Prize. These Champions will be Mature DIHs that can inspire and guide other DIHs in their developments. The winner will be supported by the DIHNET project.

DIHNET.EU project will enable the coordination of European, national and regional initiatives directly supporting the digital transformation and Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). It will create a sustainable pan-European network of networks, with a focus on regional DIHs, by developing a set of tools and boosting the collaboration of the different DIH networks, DIHs and other key DIH stakeholders in Europe.

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