We wish you all the best digital innovation for 2020

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2019 is reaching to an end and, before that happens, at I4MS and DIHNET we want to thank all DIHs who contributed to this DIH of the Month activity and answered our interviews for their support and to all our community members who invested their time and interest in getting to know better some other members in their ecosystem for your attention. We hope that this have turned out in many contacts and collaboration opportunities to you.

We also want to ignite next year’s activity in a very positive mood and to that purpose we have asked DIHs of the month in 2019 for their best achievements and most exciting plans for 2020.

Read on to check about some of their input!

iMan Norte Hub has explained us that, during 2019, 18 competence centers and industrial associations joined forces within them, so together they can work towards bringing digitalization to all industrial companies in the Northern Region of Portugal!!!

At IT4Innovations, they are happy to share that, in 2019 their facilities were extended by two new systems: DGX-2, a specialized system for artificial intelligence calculations (the first installation of this type in Central and Eastern Europe) and Barbora, which is an extension of the existing Anselm supercomputer, commissioned in 2013, and that has improved its combined theoretical computational performance to 826 TFlop/s, which is almost 9 times more than the now outdated supercomputer Anselm.

In June 2019, IT4Innovations have also succeeded in a pan-European competition for hosting the “EuroHPC petascale system”, to be acquired within the implementation of EuroHPC Join Technology Initiative. When installed in 2020, it will be among the 50 most powerful supercomputers worldwide and the 10 most powerful supercomputers in Europe and is designed to coherently respond to the needs of its user communities, addressing complex scientific and industrial challenges, including standard numerical simulations, demanding data analysis and artificial intelligence applications.

Last but not least, at the end of 2019, IT4Innovations took a part in consortium of 31 European countries who submit proposal for creation of EUROCC – National Competence Centres. If successful, IT4Innovations national supercomputing center should become Czech National Competence Centre in the framework of EuroHPC and will establish focused activities to support industry, academia and public administration in the Czech Republic in area of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and High-Performance Data Analysis (HPDA).

DIHNAMIC team wishes you an amazing 2020. Photo Credits: DIHNAMIC

DIHNAMIC also expanded its network in 2019 from 20 members to 25 and got an opportunity to explore new collaborations with several national DIHs, such as DIGIHALL and MINSMART, and also European cross-border DIH collaborations were established under the I4MS H2020 call in the topics of Digital Twins, robotics and Laser based advanced and additive manufacturing. They also explain us that, in 2020, the collaboration with EIT Manufacturing will be reinforced and DIHNAMIC will prepare to apply to get the European Digital Innovation Hub label.

On their side, innomine counts among their outstanding achievements with the successful implementation of a a major camapign for the open call of Cloudifacturing, which attracted a high number of quality proposals. This allowed them to start working with manufacturing SMEs on 1:1 basis to uncover their needs and provide solutions for digitizing the manufacturing processes.

For 2020, they are planing to expand their activities and involve more manufacturing SMEs from its region and to take part in new H2020 programs, where they can involve manufacturing SMEs, which are new to this European Research and Innovation Programme.

So, congratulations to you all for your achievements and good luck with your new endeavours for 2020!

Author: Almudena S. Escrich

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