News Bulletin from DIH related initiatives – June 2021

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Dear DIHNET community

We are excited to bring you fresh news from DIH related initiatives for this month of June. Enjoy the sun and the reading!

  • Highlights from the DigiPLACE Closing Conference

DigiPLACE project, targeting the digital transformation in construction, came to its end. We are bringing you the highlights from the project’s Closing Conference that took place on Thursday 27th May 2021. Check out the highlights of the closing event here. If you want to discover more about the project and materials available, visit the website: If you want to discover more about the project and materials available, visit the website:

  • DIH Ecosystem Building Event

Digital Innovation Hubs are one-stop-shops that help companies to become more competitive with regard to their business/production processes, products or services using digital technologies. Learn how regional DIHs can help your company to be more competitive using digital technologies. Join on the 30thof June Meike Reimann (Steinbeis 2i) and Anne-Marie Sassen (European Commission) to learn about Digital Innovation Hubs in the Central-Eastern European Region. Find more information about this online event here.

  • ADMA-DIHNET webinar: How can DIHs support manufacturing SMEs in becoming Factories of the Future

Are you a DIH looking for business opportunities? You can do so by learning and applying the ADMA network methodology! The ADMA methodology allows DIHs to identify possible areas of transformation for manufacturing SMEs, to become next-generation factories with more competitive, modern and sustainable production. In this webinar that takes place on June 23rd, Paul Peeters will present the ADMA methodology, a candidate EDIH will explain how they applied it with their SMEs, and we will conclude by the testimonial of an SME who benefited from the ADMA approach. Register to attend the ADMA-DIHNET webinar here.

  • L4MS Success Story: Autonomous robots carry products between neighbouring companies

TRECO manufactures postal equipment, such as advanced community mailboxes, from sheet metal in Aalestrup, Denmark. It cooperates with another SME, J-Coating, which provides coating services next door. When TRECO has finished welding and
grinding the seams of its mailboxes, J-Coating applies powder coating to them.
Later TRECO continues with final mechanical and electrical assembly. This is a tedious and repetitive job hauling heavy boxes, so to increase employee satisfaction and productivity the company CEOs decided to test the automation of the process in the L4MS experiment. The Danish Foundation Autonomous was set to work on a solution that would automate the transport of boxes between TRECO and J-Coating, and they replaced the manual work with an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle). Read the full story here.

  • Change2Twin Open Calls update

On 30 June 2021, Change2Twin will launch another open call addressed to manufacturing companies willing to implement digital twinning technology. For this Development Voucher Open Call the companies selected will benefit from a dedicated programme encapsulating up to 90.000€ in funding and technical mentorship. Find more information and apply to the open call here.

  • Open Call for KITT4SME will launch on July 1st.

KITT4SME project provides the IT-infrastructure and core AI-based software modules to support the production by SMEs and mid-caps from the manufacturing world. The project will launch the first open call, namely Type-A, on the 1stof July. This call invites solution providers – SMEs and mid-caps -which develop AI-based software solutions with a value for the manufacturing industry. Applicants will be eligible for up to 100.000€ per entity and have many opportunities to gain exposure by joining the RAMP Marketplace – a community of developers and end-users for Industry 4.0 – and through the I4MS initiative. Find more information on the call here.

  • Better Factory will host the final Q&A webinar for their open call

On July 1st, Better Factory will be hosting the final Q&A webinar for their first open call. Through this open call, the initiative will select 8 consortia composed of 3 members – one manufacturing company, one artist and one technology supplier – to
participate in a Knowledge Transfer Program. The selected consortia, referred
to as a Knowledge Transfer Experiment (KTE), will receive up to 200.000€ in
funding to design new product lines and deploy automation solutions in the
factory. Know more details about the call and the webinar here.

  • Interview with Andreas Ocklenburg, Co-Founder & CEO of cloudSME U.G

The I4Ms network interviewed Andreas Ocklenburg, CEO of cloudSME company, which is itself a spin-off of the European Innovation Project, cloudSME. Due to their unique role as a core technology provider in the CloudiFacturing project, cloudSME will become the future operator of the emGORA Digital Workspace which will host the emGORA Digital Marketplace for engineering apps as one of its main components. Read the full interview here.

  • SMART4ALL 2nd KTE Open Call deadline extension

SMART4ALL initiative has decided to extend the submission deadline for the 2nd KTE proposals until the 15th of July, 12:00 CEST. Potential applicants have one more month to submit their application and fund their short-term innovation projects and exchange of knowledge of CLEC for CPS and IoT. Consortia that have already submitted an application can use the extra time to make any corrections or improvements to their proposal. Find out all the details of the call here.

Have a fantastic week!

The DIHNET team

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