24 selected SMEs and mid-caps’ experiments to enter the DIHNET Support Programme with € 1.44 million in equity-free funding

December 4, 2020

The winners of the first Open Call for cross-border experiments, chosen amongst 79 applications from 6 regions, will receive up to €60,000 each in equity-free funding, alongside technical support from industry experts and business mentoring. The selected SMEs and mid-caps that require concrete digitalisation solutions will benefit from the connection with established and developing DIHs. The aim of the experiments is to refine new digital solutions that afterwards will help the companies to reach new market potential and scale and increase their region’s digital innovation level.

DIHNET, the EU funded project that stands for Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs, has announced the names of the 24 selected experiments presented by SMEs and Midcaps that will enter the Support Programme for accessing innovative digital technologies. The project led by  Civitta, Krakow Technology Park, VTT, TNOFundingBox Accelerator,RWTH Aachen university, ICT cluster, Latvian IT cluster, Transilvania IT cluster, University of West Bohemia and NTNU chose the experiments through an external panel of evaluators made up of recognized experts in different fields as ICT, IoT, AI, Big Data and Digital Twins amongst others.

List of the winners of DIHNET first open call

  • CENOS, SIA (Latvia)
  • Wingo Deposit (Latvia)
  • Exponential Technologies ltd. (Latvia)
  • Semantic Intelligence LLC (Latvia)
  • Transmission Dynamics Poland sp. z o.o. (Poland Małopolskie)
  • Findair spółka z ograniczon ą odpowiedzi alnością (Poland Małopolskie)
  • Spectator sp. z o.o. (Poland Małopolskie)
  • Techmo spółka z ograniczon ą odpowiedzi alnością (Poland Małopolskie)
  • Rofinntech 3D SRL (Romania Nord-Vest)
  • SC STRESSLES S SRL (Romania Nord-Vest)
  • RF METERS (Romania Nord-Vest)
  • SOLISTRON (Romania Nord-Vest)
  • Mode Sensors AS (Norway Trøndelag)
  • Sensor Innovation AS (Norway Trøndelag)
  • VNNOR AS (Norway Trøndelag)
  • Q-Free ASA (Norway Trøndelag)
  • JALUD Embedded s.r.o. (Czech Republic Jihozápad)
  • InnoConnect s.r.o. (Czech Republic Jihozápad)
  • LaserThermspol. s r.o. (Czech Republic Jihozápad)
  • BestTalk s.r.o. (Czech Republic Jihozápad)
  • Virtech (Bulgaria Yugozapaden)
  • IKEM a.d. (Bulgaria Yugozapaden)
  • DTK Electronics OOD (Bulgaria Yugozapaden)
  • Spesima GmbH (Bulgaria Yugozapaden)

Each selected experiment will enter a 10-month Support Program which includes both technical and business-related support. On top of this, beneficiaries will get access to training sessions offered by the DIHNET network partners.

The full summary of the evaluation and complete list of chosen applicants and their experiment topics can be found in the Evaluation Public Summary Report of the 1st DIHNET open call.

About the DIHNET project

DIHNET aims to build a digital innovation hub (DIH) network based on experience and practice sharing. A network that will support companies in turning their most innovative projects to life, aid investors in discovering the leaders of digital revolution and help development agencies understand the needs of industry.

Within the project, 2 sets of experiments will be carried out to test and refine the DIH cooperation business model. Pioneer phase will involve hubs from the project’s consortium, while the extended phase will involve newly attracted DIHs to validate the findings of the 1st phase. The validated and approved DIH cooperation solution will be used as the basis for the DIHNET network.