9 selected DIHs to take part in a two-stage DIHNET support programme of experience exchange and technology application

June 17, 2021

The winners of the second Open Call for developing digital innovation hubs (DIHs), chosen amongst 35 applications from 15 regions will become part of a 21-month program activities divided into two stages and will receive up to €100,000 funding. During the DIHNET support programme selected hubs will be able to refine their technology offering, business models and their role in own regional ecosystem by applying the knowledge shared by the more experienced – mature – DIHs. DIHNET’s mature DIHs have long-term experience in tackling the most challenging projects and a wide network of partners that newly selected DIHs will be able to benefit from.

DIHNET, the EU funded project that stands for Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs, has announced the names of the 9 selected DIHs that will enter the 21-month program activities. Proposals  have been evaluated  by  two  independent external  experts with  wide  expertise in  cross-border collaboration of DIHs and technology transfer projects.

List of the winners of DIHNET second open call:

  • DIH TECHNICOM – University Science Park TECHNICOM on behalf of the Technical University of Košice (Slovakia)
  • Innomine DIH – South Transdanubian branch (Hungary)
  • Blue European Digital Innovation Hub (Croatia)
  • Futures of Innovation and Technology Digital Innovation Hub (Romania)
  • Sunrise Valley Digital Innovation Hub (Lithuania)
  • Centre 4.0 Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (Ukraine)
  • Hub For Digital Innovations (Czech Republic)
  • Belgrade Robotics Hub (Serbia)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Digital Innovation Hub (Lithuania)

The full summary of the evaluation and complete list of chosen applicants and their experiment topics can be found in the Evaluation Public Summary Report of the 2nd DIHNET open call.