DIH Champions

DIH Champions

The DIHNET.EU project launched the novel DIHs Champions Challenge in 2019 with the objective to select the best performing Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) in Europe. The Champions Challenge aims at identifying, showcasing and supporting success stories of mature DIHs that can inspire and guide others.

DIHNET developed the DIH Champions challenge as a maturity assessment tool and detailed information can be found in DIHNET- Deliverable 2.3 – Maturity Assessment tool and DIHNET- Deliverable 3.4 – Common Approach for Maturity Assessment

DIH Champion 2019

The Digital Hub Logistics Dortmund was awarded with the first prize of the DIH Champions Challenge 2019 at the Stakeholder Forum in Madrid 2019. The hub took the lead in both categories – “SME Orientation” and “Service Portfolio”. The finalists included the Data Cycle Hub (Spain) and IAM 3D HUB (Spain), the SuperIoT AI DIH (Finland) and the Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub (Romania).

DIH Champions 2020

On the 27th of January, DIHNET revealed the winners of the 2020 DIH Champions Challenge at the virtual EDIH Conference 2021 “Gearing up towards European Digital Innovation Hubs”. The 2020 winners are two Digital Innovation Hubs that demonstrated a leading level of maturity, the am-LAB (Hungary) and the Basque Digital Innovation Hub (Spain). The finalists of this second edition were the ITI Data Hub (Spain) and the FZI Research Center for Information Technology (Germany).

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