DIHNET concluded its third open call for experiments with 175 proposals

March 24, 2022

385 applications were started from the 9 eligible regions, which illustrates the huge need to match the level of digitalisation for all companies across Europe.

From those, 175 proposals from 8 different countries were successfully submitted. Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Serbia and Croatia are the top five countries sending applications. Out of the 175 proposals submitted, 173 of them are now being evaluated by external independent experts.

The upcoming experiments will address the application of several technology areas, within SAE and I4MS technologies: Artificial Intelligence (36,6%) and Internet of things (20%) are the preferred technology areas to implement the Technology Transfer Experiments that will be starting in May 2022.

What comes next?

During these experiments, local widening hubs together with established DIHs will be supporting SMEs and Midcaps in the implementation of their experiments, offering technological and business support, alongside with networking opportunities and visibility.

DIHNET Open Call 3 for Technology Transfer Experiments will distribute up to €2.16M among 36 SMEs and Midcaps to develop their experiments (up to €60,000 per experiment) from the 9 widening hubs regions selected during the Open Call 2. Up to 4 SMEs and Midcaps will be selected per region. Additionally, up to €300,000 (€15,000 per experiment) will be made available in the form of a voucher among 20 experiments from particular regions.

The results of the Open Call will be announced shortly after external and independent evaluators have assessed the applications.